Taxes are like Slices of Pizza

Taxes and Pizza

In the realm of finance and food, let’s embark on a delightful journey exploring the delicious intersection of taxes and pizza. Imagine your income as a box of pizza, and each slice represents a portion of where you channel your income. 

Now, think of taxes as the government’s way of claiming a slice of your pizza to fund public services and spur national development. 

Close your eyes and picture yourself at a pizza party, here are some of the fun things that’ll happen there:

The Pizza Party of Income

Just like a pizza party where everyone comes with a box of their favourite type of pizza. Your income is that box of goodness you arrive with, and everyone arrives at the venue with their income from different sources. 

Slicing Up Your Income

Your income pizza is divided into various slices, each representing a portion earmarked for different purposes. Here’s where taxes come into play, serving as the designated slice contributing to the communal feast.

Building the Public Pizza Buffet

Just as multiple pizzas make a grand feast, the combination of tax slices from various contributors forms a substantial fund. Consequently, this fund is utilized by the government to establish a public pizza buffet. Therefore, it facilitates the provision of essential services such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

The More the Merrier 

If you, for any reason, stay back from a pizza party, you rob everyone of the opportunity to taste the delicious pepperoni toppings that come with your own pizza.

Fair Slices for All

Taxes ensure the fair distribution of resources. Each taxpayer contributes a slice proportionate to their income, promoting equality and shared responsibility.


The next time you savour a pizza, consider taxes and how each slice counts. And if you have questions about taxes in Nigeria, you can book a consultation call with tax professionals here or visit TaxPal.