How to Pay Company Taxes with Taxpal: A step-by-step guide.

Tax remittance with Taxpal

Tax remittance for Nigerian companies is an integral responsibility for every registered business in Nigeria. However, many business owners, including tech startups, SMEs, and payroll companies, often face challenges when fulfilling their tax obligations.

In addition to remitting taxes, there are crucial steps and essential information that business owners should be aware of. This includes understanding their Tax Identification Number (TIN), different tax types, and the tax calculation process.

Managing a business in Nigeria can be a complex undertaking, which is why business owners always look for options that simplify their responsibilities.

In this article, we will look at how to remit your company taxes with Taxpal, breaking it down into a few simple steps. We’ll also explore how you can establish a recurring monthly tax remittance system with minimal personal involvement.

Here are 3 quick steps on How to Remit Your Company Taxes with Taxpal

Step 1: Create an account for your business on Taxpal. Fill in basic information about your business, and you’ll get an OTP instantly in your email. Enter the OTP and a unique dashboard will be created for you. 

Step 2: Choose the type of tax you want to pay, input the required information and generate your bill for payment easily.

Step 3: Generate receipt. After payment, you can request your receipt and get it instantly. 

In just three simple steps, you can put issues like tax calculation and remittance behind you and focus on other important things that matter to the growth of your business. 

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